My Mom Rocks by Benjamin Lelis

Benjamin Lelis
My mom rocks because she sees the real worth of people and affirms this in her own little ways. This is evident in how she takes care of me and my siblings whom she greatly influenced when it comes to our relations with other people.
My mom is a very strong woman in every sense possible. Her work in a grocery store has made her physically strong that carrying a full sack of rice seems a menial task for her. Emotionally, she has been strengthened by long years of separation from my dad who started working abroad ever since they got married 30 years ago. Lastly, her devotion to God makes her a spiritual giant as she never fails to carry out her duties in our Church and to regularly study the scriptures in her own time.
What really amazes me at times is how despite her strong character and demeanor, she never fails to keep a tone of voice that is kind and caring. Coupled with genuine kindness that she shows to other people, it is the manner in which she speaks that I can truly say that she recognizes the dignity of everyone around her. Even in times of anxiety, you will never hear her raise her voice to anyone. Whether she is reprimanding a supplier for having delivered the grocery items late or scolding me or anyone of my siblings because of a misdeed, she always uses words and a tone of voice that is both loving and understanding.
I am happy for the example that my mom has set. Because of her, it is easier for me to recognize the dignity of every person and to show it by being kind to every person that I meet.