My Mom Rocks by Caoji Sanmu

My Mom Rocks

Beyond my words my mom rocks!

She is beautiful inside and out, she is my best friend, source of strength and comfort, and the strongest woman I have ever known. she means the world to me. She is my mother and no one can ever take that away from me.
I had the good karma to be born in a family yearning for a daughter after three sons. Especially my incandescent mother spent precious morning time during her pregnancy praying to the birth god to have mercy and grant her a girl. Most people in my semi-nomadic village did not think this way. When a girl was born, most families were disappointed, and relegated her to an unhappy fate even the very day that she entered this world. She would stay at home do the circulated, endless house chores. But I was different. However, within the year before I was born, my mom was announced to be the first batch of the victims to get experimental operation to prove the newly enacted country law One Child Policy.

My mom abandoned the comfortable conditions at home and resigned her well-known career as singer went to a remote mountain cave despite lacking of the proper treatment as a pregnant woman to give birth to me. The harsh condition of the birth place made Mom contracted tuberculosis. Soon after my birth, unavoidably, Mom had to get the operation due to the unsuccessful skills in this operating field, made Mom’s right leg couldn’t stench any more. It is difficult for her to walk, but she walks miles everyday anyway, and never utters a single complaint.

My mother broke with village tradition that sending girls to school is useless, and I became the first girl in my village who had ever attended school. Once school started, my mom paid a lot of attention to my studies. Even though she is illiterate, she did her best to check my homework whenever she had time and make sure that I had completed it. She was overjoyed every time I received high marks on my exams. She couldn’t reward me with fancy gifts, but the happy smile on her face was all that I needed in the way of encouragement…

Mom has gone through so many difficulties to assist me to get where I am now academically and socially and she sends me from the coldest place called Roof of the World to the melting yet hospitable country the Philippines continue to support me to grow. My mom is a very ordinary mom, yet doing extraordinary deeds. Being a person i can not live without dignity, and I cannot live without mom either. She protects, cultivates my dignity along the way. Mom is my dignity!