My Mom Rocks by Mary Anne Collantes

By Mary Anne Collantes

I hate change. I hate it because it’s uncomfortable, stressful, and painful. I’m sure my mom did too, but the difference was that she knew how to deal with it and embraced it so she could grow.

My mom had me when she was 38. She had a condition that made it impossible to bear children, so it was a miracle that I was even born. I was the only daughter, the only child, and was thus very protected and held in a tight rein. Years went by, and I grew into a teenager after years of being called a little girl, and a preteen. In those transitional years, I saw my mom change with me. She began to allow me to leave with my friends and make my own choices.

I knew it was not easy for her. Sometimes I would see her stifle a tear when I made a big mistake. There were times when I’d see the hesitation in her eyes when I ask for permission for something. But she knew that things had to change, so she let it. She let go so I could grow up. She also supported me as I dealt with the changes in my own life. Through all these years, despite all that has happened, she never left my side. I know that no matter what happens in the future, I’ll always have my mom.