My Takeaways from WYA Pamplona’s Bringing Youth Back to Work

World Youth Alliance has given me a great opportunity to work within a young inspiring group of  people on one of the critical issues in the EU, “Youth Unemployment “. The youth unemployment rate in the EU based on the latest Eurostat (2021) data is 15.1% and here where we realize the importance of this initiative. Within the timeframe of 3 days, we have discussed both the challenges and our visions on tackling them. In my personal point of view, the transition from formal education to the labour market is the most difficult part and the influencing factor on the unemployment rate.

During the dialogue, we discussed various topics ranging from challenges in the labor market to the educational systems. One point I had to emphasize on is ‘The right strategy to overcome the unemployment’. First of all, the government has the responsibility to provide more and equal opportunities for young people through different high quality educational systems and training  in addition to creating favorable conditions for young people to develop their skills, fulfil their  potential, work, and actively participate in the society. 

Second of all, young people have the responsibility to be an active citizen and make use of the  available opportunities. Moreover, taking the labour market demands into consideration while  choosing your major of study, would facilitate the transition from school to work and reduce the  unemployment rate. A simple achievement in your field of study could take you multiple steps  forward towards your first job, it does not matter how big the achievement is, it would be always  impressive!

At the end of our fruitful discussions, we came up with a declaration contains a list of challenges  and difficulties faced by young people to enter the labour market and based on that, we created  our list of demands to overcome these challenges and hence, we call upon governments to  consider our proposals.

Published: June 17, 2021
Written by Abdullah Obaid, Participant of the Bringing Youth Back to Work.