My Trip To Canada (January 2008)

One word that sum’s up Canada: Snow!

It was a cold and wet New York Wednesday morning when I lazily dragged myself out of bed and settled into the van for the ten hour drive to Canada. Nestled in the backseat, I slept most of the trip.


Feeling groggy and tired, I woke to discover the white thick snow that was outside. Overwhelmed with excitement, I grabbed my camera and took picture after picture. My memory of the last time I had seen snow was quite vague as I had not seen it since I was very young. My excitement of seeing snow did not last long as I had to eventually venture out of the van and into the bitter coldness.

The Interns 2008 (L-R) Kat, Me, Irene, Aliah and Pat

I wasn’t mentally prepared to spend the next several days in freezing Ottawa and Montreal with snow falls, blizzards, rain and strong icy winds. It was defiantly an experience to remember.

My time in Canada was primarily based around attending and participating at the Emerging Leaders Canadian Policy Seminar that was held at Ottawa University. The Seminar was held over four days. During this time, I was able to listen to varied guest speakers and interact with other World Youth Alliance members, interns and staff.

Irene, Kat and Me in Montreal