New WYAE Interns!

WYA Europe would like to welcome three new interns for the autumn term! Here is a bit about them:


My name is Virginia Millan. This October, I started as an intern for World Youth Alliance in Brussels, the capital of Europe! As a young Spanish lawyer this is a great opportunity for me to improve my skills and knowledge on international advocacy, as well as to learn more about what is going on the European Union. I have studied Law and Political Science in Madrid. After I finished both degrees, I went to London to specialize in Politics, and earned an International Relations MA at Queen Mary University. However, the defense of human dignity, by either political or cultural paths was and is what really called me to WYA, to be part of them and to work with them. International relations, politics and culture compose my background, and through them I would like to show the beauty of each person. After some weeks in Brussels I can say that my experience so far has been amazing! Here, you can get the best French fries and chocolates!


My name is Sam Gannon and I am from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. I have studied at the University of Birmingham for the past four years gaining a B.A. Anthropology and African Studies (Joint Honours) and an M.A. International Relations. I have had various jobs in past including being a Youth Worker and being a “Subway Sandwich Artist”! I decided to do an internship at WYA because it both compliments my academic background and is apposite to my values and world-view. I have enjoyed the first three weeks here in Brussels and I am looking forward to many more weeks of practical experience at the international level and of promoting human dignity through culture. My main hobbies and interests are: music, cycling, running, politics, culture, food & drink and watching stupid movies! An interesting fact about me….at a tennis tournament I once won an award for being the ‘Best Dressed Tennis Player’. My tennis career did not last.


My name is Maggie Snyder, and I am excited to take part in an internship in the European office of the World Youth Alliance, having previously completed internships in my home region of North America and the Latin America office in Mexico City. I am originally from Barryville, New York, in the USA, and hold a joint BA in English and Theology from St. John’s University in New York. Next year, I plan to return to university for a master´s degree in International Relations. I first learned about WYA from a WYA speaker at a Path to Peace Foundation seminar, and became involved to find out more about the debate surrounding human dignity and human rights at the UN. Even though I´ve only been in Brussels for three weeks, I have already developed full-blown waffle and chocolate addictions, which I plan to fuel for the rest of my time here, while of course learning more about European culture and advocacy at the European Union.