Nojoom, an inspiration for #Solidarity


This has been a tough year for humanity. 2015, originally designated as the year of light, has been a battlefield in the hands of dark monopolies. As an activist in the Lebanese civil society, I find how cohesion and mutual integration is slowly being narrowed within certain groups, leaving the modern and industrial society take over some traditional values. Hence, what is important is to shed light on solidarity as a concept participating in the formation of “healthy societies”.

To this day, I have been inspired by the movie called “I am Nojoom” which stars a 10-year old Yemeni girl claiming to get a divorce. This fact was shocking to me, knowing how her rights have been forcefully taken away by her father seeking to exchange her marriage contract for financial stability. What happened to the girl who enjoyed playing with her Barbie doll, to the pure innocent human happiness?

As the movie goes on, Nojoom, presents her case in front of the judge accepting to examine her file after encompassing with her. In order to regain her freedom, Nojoom, the family of the judge and other Yemeni activists put their hands together in helping the determination of the young girl be visible. Solidarity is born between them, an invisible bond recognizing the power and the value of this person.

In the same vein, society has the responsibility to awaken the sympathy and solidarity between its citizens to perform magnanimous actions. However, the Lebanese society had remained fractured for more than 40 years between numerous self-oriented initiatives. The disparate system cannot but divide the coalescence neglecting the monolith framework of a healthy society. If we take the Nojoom as an archetype, solidarity in this sense is to be contaminated by altruistic rather than egocentric visions. What happens in one part of the world may affect us all.

The world is calling for compassion, a clean environment and moral values to be the hallmark of the soul. I join Dalai Lama’s vision of a “global family” in order to realize that we’re all basically human beings, who feel happiness and try to avoid suffering. Today, we need to help each other throughout our difficulties, forgetting religion, color and race because the dignity of a human being is beyond all of those, it shines within oneself to spread understanding and be the avant-garde of inner peace. The solidarity decade starts here and now, in your society, in your neighborhood, in your family.

Written by Elsa-Maria Karam a regional intern at the World Youth Alliance Middle East office. If you would like to learn more about solidarity and human dignity, you may enroll to our Certified Training Program.