Piece by Piece

We all probably believed the myth stating that “humans are violent by nature and that conflict is inevitable” or so we thought that’s the truth. Conflict has existed since the ancient ages and human history divulges it all. A history marred by wars and lost souls but for the sake of what?

This shouldn’t stop us from solving conflict and surviving in this world. Why do we favour conflict over concord and amity? When World War I then II broke out, the aftermath was horrific. The latter was the bloodiest conflict in history, with 3% of the 1940s world population perished. World leaders met in Paris in an attempt to regain world peace, forming the League of Nations but that failed and in a second attempt, the United Nations was formed in 1945 to prevent a third world war from breaking out.

Let’s consider this a cycle; peace is like the silence before a storm but a storm should not last forever and tough times should be over. Looking into the root cause of every conflict, on a large or small scale, is the first step to solving it, resorting to peace and understanding. One major cause for conflict is Difference. However, with differences, we can indulge in exploring new cultures, learn new languages, appreciate diversity and erase geographic borders to feel a sense of humanity.

We have to try to understand each other and be diplomatic when a conflict arises, especially between nations, there will be no need to pull out the destructive “toys”, no need to spend hefty sums on armaments that allegedly are advanced enough to “not target civilians”. Peaceful conflict resolution is through communication and negotiation.

World Youth Alliance is one of the NGOs working for more than 20 years on bringing youth together to take the Certified Training Program (CTP) and train them on topics such as solidarity, freedom, culture and above all, human dignity because it’s so important to adopt these values in order to promote peace.

Tension will do no good to the world but peace will. We can express our disagreements and that’s okay as long as we get over it in a civilized way by coming together, like puzzle pieces, to co-exist and witness the beauty of the bigger picture. Piece by piece, difference by difference, we create peace and foster solidarity.

Dear reader, I want to teach you today how to greet people with a beautiful Arabic word which is “Salam” which literally means peace. That’s how Muslims and Arabs greet in general reminding everyone to spread peace with every encounter, so, salam everyone!

Published: March 5, 2021
Written by Houyem Ghediri, WYA MENA Regional Intern 2021, Batch 1