Probably the most beautiful park in Brussels…

Undoubtedly, Le parc Léopold is the most picturesque park in Brussels, especially because there is water there…I mean not only puddles but a nice (and pretty big!) pond. And, what’s important, we (the interns) have the undeniable pleasure to come across the park on our way to the office in the morning and then in the evening after work.
Ok, water, trees& bushes-is there anything special about it? Yeah, that’s flora but what really draws our attention is fauna…a lot of ducks …Ok, maybe not all of them look like ducks ;-), so let’s say a lot of birds-mainly big ducks, duck families, one very tall crane &…parrots.
Indeed, I’ve seen several times 3 rather big greenish parrots; that’s a really unusual sight in the center of Brussels. But if you’ll be lucky or just attentive (it’s easy to recognize the weird sound high in the trees) you will see them & many other curiosities in the Leopold Park as well. So, even if you come to Brussels only to see the Mannekenpis, don’t miss this place!