Recanting the Post Holiday Blues


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Packaged turkeys and chilled hams seized by grocery shoppers, shimmering candles placed upon window sills, fresh pine trees and wreaths being adorned, amorous family gatherings, festive caroling – all these activities emerge during the nippy, leaf-strewn days of autumn and the beginning burst of frosty winter. Many contemplate year-round about this jubilant time, entranced by the exciting bombardment of heart-warming sights, ambiances and cheery occasions. One finds, without any difficultly, devotees of the end-year holiday season, and it is being relished now.

Post-Holiday-Depression-Zack-Ahern(Courtesy: Zach Ahern)

After the New Year celebration, January and its drab, dreary days make the gleeful holiday season dissipate instantaneously. People drag themselves through their daily routine, as if life has not much to offer except after-holiday sales and old leftovers. These mental pangs produce doleful attitudes, when people’s spirits seems to hibernate with bears in the nether caves. It is true; however, that not everyone succumbs to melancholia after the surge of holiday excitement, but it is widespread enough to characterize a significant contingent of people.

It is not until the dawn of springtime – and its brilliant colors coating all the elements of nature that the human appetite reanimates, savoring recreational leisure and the promise of summer getaways.Perhaps there is a failure to realize that the calendar has stolen control of human pleasure, where men and women are noticeably enslaved by time dictating their highs and lows. If one can discern how people value beauty percolating in celebratory atmospheres, how then one can be alerted too at the sighs of disappointment when those new, unmarked calendars are pinned up to another January.


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Post-holiday blues can be avoided or at least minimized by making the untainted beginning of a new year and its partnering lackluster, wintry months more beautiful. Yes, more beauty needs to be infused into people’s lives to subdue the monotonous routine of daily activities. And most of these repetitive tasks never even cease during the holidays, but joy and beauty mysteriously soothe the wearisome rituals that can at times confine life. Beauty of life, more precisely, is what one discerningly desires, satiating the mind with a delight only recognized by the soul itself.Through social media, let us keep abreast more frequently with loved ones, keeping the ardor of affection constant rather than halted after the holidays. Likewise, our hearths can always be styled with more culture, art and personal flare – all for family and visitors to “vainly” admire. Engage in civic work, even if infrequently, to cause good change in one’s community. Some soul-searching or spiritual curiosities should be aroused with balanced intentions.


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Beauty abounds everywhere, and we must vivify all that makes life a perpetual celebration rather than caging its qualities into the holiday corner. To acknowledge what makes life more meaningful, chipping away at Maslow’s pyramidal peak, is important on life’s journey – avoiding those pitfalls when one perceives life to be ordinarily uneventful. But it is we, who can be easily persuaded to make life dull; thus, with beauty, carpete diem!


Edward Ablang is an intern in the WYA North America Office.