Reflections of a WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camper


About one month left until the annual WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camp. As this year’s camp draws nearer, campers from previous years share with us their best memories. We hope it makes this year’s campers excited, and for the rest of the audience, we hope you will consider joining our camp next year!

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Reflections of a WYA Asia Pacific Summer Camper

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My experience during the WYA Summer Camp was very enlightening. Through talks and discussions, we, the participants, were able to share our insights on human dignity in a dynamic way. Participants coming from different places around the country, some even from outside the Philippines, were encouraged to get to know each other and learn about each other’s understanding of human dignity according to our experiences and culture. It was interesting to find out that despite our differences we shared the common belief that every person has dignity and that it cannot be revoked through any means. The sharing, discussions and fun activities affirmed the importance of upholding everyone’s right to human dignity despite present challenges, and helped us deepen our understanding even more. It was a venue for learning, understanding and making new friends.

I would say that joining the Summer Camp truly changed me. I had always recognized that every person has dignity, but never understood it the way the WYA Summer Camp taught me: intrinsic, inviolable and irrevocable. After the camp, I realized that acknowledging the dignity of every person was only the first step, and that we must put such understanding into actions which would help uphold the dignity all.

The summer camp inspired me to make a difference and gave me new friends. It provided me with a clearer, more motivated outlook on the importance of the dignity of every person. It was definitely one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life.


Carmina Francesca Alcantara is a participant of the WYA Asia Pacific 2013 Summer Camp.