Road to Rio: Family Focus month

In the run up to the Rio +20 Conference on sustainable development, WYA Europe is running the second in its series of events to get young people thinking about where and how we can promote a person-centred approach to sustainable development.

This month’s theme is My FAMILY.

My FAMILY will help you to understand better your relationship with your family. The WYA declaration on the family states that “The family sustains society as it gives life to the next generation. It also has the privilege of forming free and responsible citizens, thus securing democracy. As the fundamental unit of society the family ensures the sustainability of civilization and culture.” As such this month will be a period of action for you to engage in the ideas of WYA with your entire family!

How does your family contribute to the environment? Do you recycle? Do you use public transport where possible? How long does your average shower take?

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday (30th March- 1st April), we’re inviting you to challenge your family by getting involved in accomplishing some sustainable goals as a family.

This could be :

Cooking up an organic meal for family members you haven’t seen for a long time

Creating a family compost pile

Asking the whole family to take shorter showers

Taking the whole family to go on a bike ride at the weekend

Buying your weekend’s ingredients from the local market or farm

Challenging your family to take no longer than 5 minutes each in the shower

Spending an afternoon making crafts out of old materials/items that are lying around your house i.e. old clothes, buttons, furniture, unwanted books etc

Present your outcomes in the form of a family tree, but instead of people, put sustainable development deeds as the fruits of the tree. Submit us your “Sustainable Family Tree” for publication! In general, we want to hear about your sustainable family weekend! Take photos and/or write to us with your experiences. Please email these to

If you have no family around you, you can still take part in any of the above initiatives, just replace your family with friends or new people you’d like to get to know better!