Summer Camp Series: Rokaia Mohammed


My experience in this camp is a collective of lectures, events, conversations, and even lunch hours that open up my eyes everyday on the basic, simple ideas that may sometimes sound radical to others. A simple notion that is the human dignity raised my awareness on the fact that dignity contributes to every single aspect of our lives.

Human dignity is everywhere yet not everybody can see it. This intrinsic value that is found in every one of us from conception till death, as we have been taught here in WYA, is not recognized by all people. Sometimes people think that others are not worthy of respect and value and sometimes it’s the individuals themselves who think that they don’t have dignity.

As that being the camp’s main theme, I was amazed by how everything we do in camp is associated with dignity. Starting from the talks and lectures we have to the games/activities and our relationships with one another in camp. And that taught me, contrary to previously mentioned people’s beliefs that dignity applies to absolutely everything we do in our lives.

Being taught that dignity is the basis of the human rights, the counselors proved that through relating our various and distinct talks and discussions to the foundation, that is the intrinsic dignity.

On a more personal level, all of the capers before bedtime would always talk about how hard it would be for us to leave camp on our last day. From day one we were all able to connect and bon with each other naturally. We all shared incredibly amazing experiences with one another and each day we create more memories throughout activities that will be forever engraved in our hearts. We were all able to find the welcoming and warmth of the WYA family and consider the WYA house as our second home even though everyone is miles and miles away from their own countries.

As an Egyptian, I had the chance to be introduced to distinctive cultures other than my own as I was also able to share some of my cultural beliefs with the rest of the international campers. Not only that I now have a clearer vision of the world, but I also got to know more about political theories and philosophies that I was never introduced to before.

And as I mentioned earlier, WYA gave me an integrated experience of full love, compassion, awareness and belief in a better future. Now, that I am sure of everyone’s capability of achieving his/her dreams, I can only hope that I go back to my country and be able to inspire others with what I learnt in this cap and with what I believe can guarantee people a more dignified life, that is only but a bestowed for a better future.

By Rokaia Mohammed, a Summer Camp Participant and Middle East member who is currently completing her Track A Training