Summer Internship in NYC

“It’s going to be so much fun!!” Irene, the Africa Region D.O. had kept on telling me this, regarding my summer internship at the WYA International office in New York. But I was still in doubt.

I was among the last interns to arrive at the WYA house and I walked in when the orientation session had already started. Typically Kenyan, some might say. The first thing that struck me when I joined the session was the sea of all the diverse cultures represented by the faces of the other new interns. These were the people I was going to spend my 3month internship period with.

2 months into my internship and I love it. I have had the pleasure of interacting with amazing people and doing my best to promote the dignity of the person. I have had the privilege of attending U.N commissions, all thanks to WYA. Working at the international office has been challenging, so much to do and yet so little time, yet I find this very motivating. The interns are given a number of projects to work on. I have been working on several projects, namely, the Ubuchindami film nights in the North America Region, the upcoming Emerging Leaders US Policy Seminar and entering the names of the new WYA members in to the data base. They say man is a creature of many interests. We also do fun stuff after all the hard work.

I have enjoyed activities around NY like watching movies, plays, operas, philharmonic concerts all in different parks around the city and for free!!

What I’ll miss most, apart from my fellow interns and the staff of course, is the karaoke and movie nights, ice cream parties at odd hours of the night, cheap food at the United Nations, riding the ferry to the nearby Islands, going to the beach, hanging out at the kitchen table and common room and Irish car bombs at “Shenanigans” wake.

One buy one, interns are leaving, going back to their cities, states, countries and continents. It is sad to see this but the thought that I have made friendships that will last is comforting.

Anne, Becky, Carlos, Casey, Clare, Gina, Hyun, Marie, Mary Stella, Nicole, Timmy and Tony, you guys are the best. Thank you for being who you are and for making my internship wonderful. I believe, we are qualified to say, we have lived in dignity.

Tessy Omina- World Youth Alliance