Tacloban Peer Councilors Engage in Talks About Human Dignity and Leadership

Friends from Tacloban flew all the way to Manila to have training about the work of World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP). Peer Councillors from Eastern Visayan State University or EVSU led by Dr. Fatima M. Quianzon had a full day training last 11 September 2012 at the WYAAP office along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. 

It is was fun hearing stories from the 7 young people about the adventure they had gone through; being for some of them, visiting this part of Metro Manila is a first time. A good rest awaited all of them as some stayed at the WYAAP flat located few blocks from the office, while the others found accommodations available around the area.
The whole day training started as soon as the break of dawn. At 9:00 am the whole team was up and about in their smart casual wear, eagerly anticipating what Ms. Renelyn Tan, Regional Director of WYAAP, has prepared for them.  During the “I am Worth” activity, each councilor was asked about how they understand the word Dignity. They shared answers like leadership and service, confidence and positive outlook, and one’s existence and experience are highlights of one’s dignity and value of self-worth.  It was a slow burn for participants to get their energy going but clearly they have showed enthusiasm when each explained their work front and centre aside from their peers, amongst WYA interns, volunteers and staff members.
Training program covered the history of WYA and discussions in between the talk propelled a transformative type of learning. There was a healthy exchange of ideas on the problems encountered by students in Tacloban and how having WYA values can solve such issues too. Towards the end of the training, “My University, My Concern” activity instigated all 7 councilors on how they could constitute a student manual especially created by them for their dream university. This way they were all able to apply the ideals of World Youth Alliance, in guiding them on how to formulate policies and nurture an environment for promoting the dignity of a person.
Just after all topics were discussed and activities were all enjoyed, the Peer Councillors from Eastern Visayan State University signed the charter,  making them official WYA members and dignity defenders. But what was made more than that was the plan of establishing WYA Club in their university. This new alliance is set to make a huge impact to all young people and their family in Tacloban City. Watch out for the whole team!
We look forward to more trainings to come in the days ahead, partnerships for future projects and tie ups in support of our cause. If you wish to know more about World Youth Alliance you could reach us through our different media channels. Visit our site at  www.wya.net,  follow us on @wyaasiapacific or like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/WorldYouthAlliance.APand get updated on our projects. See you soon!