Hannah Ondiek, 21 years,Kenya

In 2007 immediately after High School, I did an internship in the World Youth Alliance Africa office. We were in the old office in the city. Esther Kanyi was the Director of Operations and our supervisor then and Winnie Beauttah was the Regional Director. It was great working with them and I learnt a lot during my internship. Apart from serious work, we had short salsa dance lessons in the office on Friday afternoons, and we were always laughing about one thing or another. It is funny because some of my fellow interns in the 2009 Fall North America internship keep asking me why all the Kenyan’s they know are always happy, I guess it is because “Hakuna matata”. It was a great experience and I guess the highlight for me was accompanying Winnie the Director then for her visit and trainings to Uganda. I have also had the pleasure of working with Irene Mwangi Regional Director and Hezbon Mogambi Director of Operations and they are just amazing.

The WYA International internship in New York has taught me a lot and I hope more young people from the Africa office will have the chance and will to come and do this internship. The beauty about this internship is that we have people form all over world from different backgrounds working together. It has been great working with and learning from people from Guadalajara Mexico, Austria, and Belgium, Philippines, Nigeria and different states in America.

We as interns at World Youth Alliance have gone through thorough training on United Nations negotiations and documents and how they affect us, and have been following through different Working groups and some third committee activities. We had the Halloween costume party which I was in charge of and with help from Mary and all the other interns we were able to have people over and enjoy dance and interact. Other projects were the City adventure, the African event, conferences, trainings, cocktails and parties. At the UN Headquarters, New York

It has been a great experience and I am grateful to everyone who made it possible in one way or another.

Hannah Ondiek

Kenya chapter committee member

Fall intern North America 2009

Nairobi, Kenya.