The Future is in your Hands: What are you doing?

It is 8am and you just woke up. You check Instagram and Twitter and, once again, with no surprise, you find frustrating news that makes you question “What is happening in the world?!” From social injustices, climate change, hate speech, all the way to direct attacks to human rights. It is up to us to remain passive towards these situations or to take actions as young people. If you are part of the latter, please keep on reading, we need you!

In November 2021, together with the World Youth Alliance Germany team, we had the opportunity of participating in the 10th edition of the Emerging Leaders Conference under the theme “Human Dignity Debate in the European Parliament.” The conference gathers youth from all over Europe to foster advocacy and discuss how young people can take action in their own circumstances. We had in-depth discussions on education, European values and youth in the EU, thus opening our eyes on the Development of EU Politics and Human Rights. We would like to share with you some insightful tips that will help you make a change when advocating with young people: 


  1. Build your tribe! – They say teamwork makes the dream work, hence taking the time to build friendships with similar values will enable you to fight for human rights easier. Remember, together, we are stronger.   
  2. Adapt your leadership – Sometimes, depending on the situation, your leadership might be transactional or transformational. We encourage you to strive for the latter one as it is great to inspire others while growing together when advocating for human dignity and freedom of excellence.
  3. Network – Yes, this sounds like a LinkedIn post, but it is true! The connections you make right now can come into handy in the future. 



If you have the opportunity of participating in World Youth Alliance events, we would like to encourage you to do so! We not only had the opportunity of learning these tips, but also doing a simulation of the European Parliament that gave us the adequate tools to present an idea, gather different perspectives and negotiate diplomatically. Furthermore, we interacted with policy makers, experts and leaders on current issues. We even got to meet Austrian MEP Claudia Gamon with whom we talked about different topics, ranging from the post-Covid unification of the EU to Asylum Seekers. Interested in learning more and helping us change the future? Check out our Instagram page: wya_germany

Published: December 16, 2021
Written by Adriana Martinez & Alice Somogyi, Participants of the 2021 Emerging Leaders Conference