The Sport That Unites the World and Why Dignity Is Its Coach

Football BlogFootball has huge impact in defending the dignity of a person. Football is a sport played by all and free for all. Football creates a surreal environment of unity among its fans. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is promoting the dignity of the human person through talks against racism. FIFA’s battle cry, “SAY NO TO RACISM,” is heard throughout all games globally. Further, it is a team of great cultural diversity and exhibits values of respect, solidarity and trust. Without these values, one cannot win games. Football is not about what one player does but what one team does for that player. If respect is devalued by a player, his whole attitude towards the game is different.

I started playing football when I was 9 years old. Passion took over me and now it is still my first love. Football is different from any other sport. It is the only sport that people consider as their religion. This may sound wrong, but the way football shapes the world is amazing. One of the many advocacies of the sport is the idea of ‘Fair Play’. This is where showmanship and pride are thrown away and replaced with sportsmanship. This is how you show respect and how the game should be played. I will never forget the time when Oliver Khan, a famous goal keeper, comforted the opposing team’s goalkeeper when they lost their chance to raise the most prestigious UEFA trophy and I will never forget the the time when Puyol, a famous Spanish defender, stopped his fellow teammate from hitting another player who had aggravated him.

This is football. Our game is fair play.

 By Neil Soria, a regional intern at the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific office