Through the Lens of an Artist

On December 9th, the World Youth Alliance held its second Art Speaks Coffee House during which a talented array of young artists and musicians presented their work to convey the value of the human person. One such artist, a student photographer from Marymount Manhattan College, illustrated that finding beauty in New York City was just ‘around the corner’ and that inspiration often comes when least expected, or planned.

Mackenzie Morrison is originally from Los Angeles, California, and currently a sophomore at MMC studying photography. Mackenzie has only recently become more engaged with the work of WYA, but her understanding about the practical ways in which to affirm the dignity of the human person is growing rapidly.

“My friends and I left the event that evening feeling incredibly inspired about the mission of WYA. It’s invigorating to see fellow artists promote the dignity of humanity through their work.”

THANK YOU, Mackenzie, for allowing the voice of dignity to speak through you and your artistic talent!