Viviamo! Time to say goodbye…

So little time spent together but so many beautiful moments shared… I didn’t even notice when these 10 days here – in the heart of Poland – passed.I remember the day I arrived in Cracow. I was impatient but confident. Impatient to meet our Participants and confident that the days spent with them would leave a distinct impression on my life. And now I know I wasn’t wrong.

I did experience solidarity. I do feel the bonds that developed and tightened with the time passing by. Compassion, respect, being together, support, truth, hope… We unanimously admitted that without them solidarity couldn’t exist. We all promised that after coming back to our home countries we would try our best to pass on and live according to the noble ideas by John Paul II, Tischner, Popieluszko.

Viviamo! Solidarity Experience, Cracow 2008, came to an end but WE – PARTICIPANTS are still there ready to tell what we experienced here and how significant impact the moments spent together had on us all.

Thank you for your presence.

I am glad to have had an opportunity to meet you all.

Gosia,m WYA Europe intern