WYALA Introduces New Lima Chapter

A Chapter of World Youth Alliance means the development of its objective: enable members to become protectors of human dignity in their regions. The WYALA is composed of a bunch of Chapters, and the principal motivation for its growth comes from young members who are committed to lead them. So, it is a pleasure to announce the Lima’s Chapter, in Peru, whose leaders are Alina, José, and Noemi. Let’s meet them!


Alina Niever Espinoza Maldonado

Alina graduated with an Environmental Engineering degree from the Southern Scientific University. By being a volunteer in socio-environmental tasks at her university, she was able to acquire passion for environmental activism. She was part of a School of political activism for the ratification of Escazú, which has broadened her view beyond the socio-environmental problems that are notorious in the national press.

In this sense, Alina became interested in applying to the WYA Certified Training Program to gain knowledge of the best way to defend human rights and the dignity of people and their communities. Currently, she continues to influence locally with SEVIVE Group in promoting environmental education as well as being part of the Red Agua Joven Cuenca Mantaro, as a Youth Environmental Promoter, as part of Activist Reporting and of the Climate Reality Project.

Alina believes that it is important to understand our reality and to look for the actors that are part of our society in order to achieve significant changes. It is hand in hand that for her, we can achieve progress in development and achieve more advances in human, environmental, social and economic issues.


José Jhonatan Hernández López

José is 20 years old and has been living in Lima for 10 years. He is involved in the field of communication, and, from a very young age, he met organizations of children and teenagers that encouraged participation spaces to raise the voice for their rights. At the age of 13, he had the opportunity for the first time to appear in a media outlet, the district school radio of Villa el Salvador “Sin Rollos ni Paltas”, in which he started as a host and later as a coordinator. This gave him the opportunity to represent his educational institution, as well as the district in different national and international events. From there, José has had the opportunity to meet many people and realities. So he has been conducting radio programs for 7 years and national television programs for 4 years. In 2020, due to the pandemic caused by Covid 19, José was part of the National Education Strategy “Aprendo en Casa” (“I learn at home”) as a television presenter. In this sense, this young leader has liked to promote social development and the defense of human rights. So, José is confident that education is the best tool to have a just and peaceful society.


Noemi Ruth Lorenzo Cconislla

Noemi grew up in a humble and Christian family in Lima, Peru, and she was educated in the national school with excellent grades graduating with honors diplomas. From an early age, she had to work in various jobs to support her family. Thanks to those experiences, she managed to develop assertive communication, empathy and solidarity. Noemi entered the Federico Villarreal National University to study Political Science, so she joined academic associations, volunteering and social activism. In addition, she participated in the United Nations Model, university debates, educational app contests, youth parliament, and political communication congress. Noemi is still trained in digital marketing, office automation, economic analysis, soft skills, logistics, competent care in trauma, social control by transparency and access to public information, National Youth Policy and its implementation at the territorial level, mobile application design, public speaking and leadership. Currently, she is studying Law and promoting mental health and the fight against violence to women and children as a volunteer. Noemi’s goal is to have a positive impact on society by doing what she loves: helping and contributing for the common good.


We appreciate the commitment of these young leaders to spread out WYA’s values while seeking the protection of human dignity. We hope the new chapter increases great results.

You can find detailed information regarding WYA chapters here, and contact us by email at latinamerica@wya.net.