We had a great time at University Rock!

Just last night, WYA’s Project DDD team guested on NU107’s University Rock to talk about the Decade of Dignity and Development Conference, and they had tons of fun! Present were Trina (Project Head), Peejay (Research Team Co-Head), Pinky (The girl who made this possible!) and Frank (Director, National Committee). Many many thanks to Trina Alejo who hooked us up for the interview, and to George and Lia too!

We’re waiting for our copy of the interview so we can upload it for all of you guys to hear! But for now, check out these pics on our multiply album.

Back: Frank, Trina, Peejay
Front: George, Pinky, Lia

Peejay and Pinky trying to cheer up Trina
coz she was getting the pre-interview jitters!

Trins and Peej telling Lia (and the world!)
about the World Youth Alliance and Project DDD.

Oh, and you can also check out what Peejay and Pinky have to say about their experience!