Why Should YOU become a WYAMENA Intern

 The Certified Training Program I took with World Youth Alliance between March and May 2020 encouraged me to aspire for more and to apply for the WYAMENA Regional Internship Program which was the best opportunity for me to implement the values I learned, to improve my skills, and know more about WYA ‘s work and mission. I looked forward to becoming an active WYA member and participating more in WYA ‘s activities because I found and still find myself passionate about the topics that WYA defends and advocates for which are all based on protecting Human Dignity.

Even though I have been a volunteer for several years and I had many experiences with several organisations, I believe that my experience as an intern with WYA is unique and fulfilling at many levels as I got to work with a dynamic team with no pressure and experience many enjoyable moments. During the internship, I gradually built up a solid knowledge base regarding the tasks of project management and administrative work.

This three-month experience helped me improve my communication, translation and interpersonal skills, and even allowed me to enhance my ability to deal effectively and tactfully with people of different cultures that I got the pleasure to meet during WYA events. Moreover, this beautiful opportunity helped me upgrade my organizational and IT skills, as well as my flexibility to adjust work schedules and priorities in society.

I never felt pressured, I got to work on my pace all while doing my favourite thing which is to protect and promote human dignity. If you are self-driven, resourceful, efficient, and have a constant willingness to learn, then this is a chance for you. It’s an opportunity for young people who are inspired by the ideas and work of World Youth Alliance to contribute practically to its regional and international projects and to study more closely the ideas which have formed the organization.

If you are a certified member, then apply for the internship to broaden your knowledge about human dignity and all the beautiful work that WYA is doing in that regard.

Thanks to the Certified Training Program and then my internship with WYA MENA, I discovered that as human beings we are all meant to evolve and flourish, we just need that beautiful experience that can make that happen.

Published: January 15, 2021
Written by Moutiaa Gouaida, former WYAMENA Online Regional Intern from Tunisia.