World Youth Alliance attends XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington DC

The World Youth Alliance has sent a delegation to the XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC, which runs from July 22 to July 27, 2012. The delegation will be attending the conference sessions and promoting WYA’s person-centered approach to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
WYA Director of Advocacy, Elyssa Koren, J.D., and North America Director of Operations, Emily Match, will be co-presenters at a satellite event organized by AVSI Foundation: “Born Free from HIV: PMTCT Lessons Learned from Uganda.” Koren and Matich will be speaking about WYA’s approach and work on HIV/AIDS over the years. The event will be held on July 25, and is open to AIDS Conference delegates who have pre-registered their attendance.
An ongoing online presence about WYA’s participation in the XIX International AIDS Conference will be maintained throughout the week for the benefit of members and friends who are unable to attend the conference. Educational materials about HIV/AIDS as well as updates about WYA’s participation at the conference will be posted regularly. 

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