World Youth Alliance Halloween Party

It was a cold October fall night, and the night was quiet. This was the quiet before the storm, on the eve of Halloween. while the rest of New York and especially the west village were preparing their costumes and houses for the festivities the next day, the staff and interns of WYA were getting ready to start the party early on the Upper East Side.

The rule generally being, work hard, play hard; and we had all been working hard so we decided our annual Halloween Party was in order. And we knew it wouldn’t be a party unless a disco ball, guitar hero and great music were involved.

The party was a huge success, involving many crazy costumes and even crazier dance moves. The social event was a way for WYA to let friends from all over the city be apart of WYA, hear what we are about, and also just to have some fun! There were drinks, food, and lots of dancing that lasted into the night and included the belting out of musical numbers by all.

Over fifty young people from all over New York and the surrounding areas came to converse and dance all night long. We had so much fun, the party was a huge success. Personal favorite highlights of mine were the belting out of ‘Don’t stop belivin’ by Journey, crazy dance moves by some fairies, pirates, and hippies, and the awesome disco ball that set the mood.
I think the party can be best summed up into one phrase and that is ‘Don’t stop beliven’…

By Christin Redfield
Photos by Hannah A. Ondiek