Writing is an Act of Life

2992682938_6d8fb58005_zWriting about writing …isn’t that ridiculous??? Many would think so. I personally did not think about the matter that much. I have always been writing during my education; in my exams and assignment papers, and if we count the essays the number will be in the thousands… I have been constantly writing with a feeling of heaviness and indifference.

During my whole life I was like a blind person who lives in a beautiful forest with cheerful colors and amazing sunset and a vast clear lake but I have never been able to see the beauty of that place, I was only able to listen to the birds twittering…but poor blinded me never understood what they were saying.

Actually, my words were a fade shadow of writing…they were neither vibrant nor alive. I was writing to fulfill my obligations and duties, so I lost the sweetness of the act itself.

I know that writing has become a research field of study that is something purely scientific. It is indeed scientific, but most of all, writing is an Art and I discovered that truth just when I started the Training of the World Youth Alliance (WYA). Maybe because of the fundamental and significant topics we write about during the assignments. It may be, also, because of the good readings we possess when we start the training, as good readers make good writers. Or even because of the good guidance of my supervisor who has always stimulated my inner thoughts and brought them to the surface.

I could not decide which one influenced me the most. Then in a moment of transcendentalism, or simply in a moment of magic, I knew it all. I was from the day of my birth meant to be a writer…yes my father named me after a well known Palestinian writer called “Fadwa Toqan” and he murmured in my tiny ears: “by God’s Will, you will become a writer”.

However, this prophecy did not come true till the day I started my assignments’ trip. I found myself writing about philosophy, law and history. Then, I was writing and defending the intrinsic dignity, justice and freedom for all humans without taking into consideration any other criteria but the humanitarian aspect of the people. I was filled with enthusiasm. No, actually, I was thrilled and passionate. The blood was hot in my veins and poured into my pen. From that moment I understood that when you have a case to defend or a goal to achieve or even a feeling to transmit, writing becomes an act of life. It is an act of resistance against injustice and chaos. It is stronger than a bullet. I found out that there is no greater agony than writing without a soul and without an aim.

A quote of Ernest Hemingway would be the best to finish with: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Fadwa Ahmadi is a Tunisian certified member of the World Youth Alliance.