WYA Austria meets Viktor Frankl

WYA Austria FranklAs part of the regular meetings of WYA Austria, a small group of the Chapter went to see the Viktor Frankl Museum in Vienna. Not bigger than a small family apartment, the museum is situated within an historical building – indeed, it was the psychotherapist’s own apartment until his death in 1997! A hidden place in the streets of the city but profoundly rich and its dignified content was awaiting us.

We were very impressed by the story and concept this place had to tell us. Some of us have already encountered the jewish founder of the Logotherapie through the Certified Training Program of the World Youth Alliance, which we still bear in mind even years after our completing the program.

Viktor Frankl was brought to a concentration camp during the second world war. He lost all his close family members but decided to continue to live when he began to contemplate whether to commit suicide or to survive. To find meaning in life was the prescription he always gave for therapy in his personal life. In the museum, we could meet Frankl himself. Impressive videos of his analyses can be found on display where he brings his hopeful way of thinking and “life attitude” closer to the visitor. He was telling his visitorsTrack A Quotes_Social Media- Ch 3 Frankl 2 (with him serving as the best example) that, “No matter who, no matter where and no matter why – as long as we have a ‘why’ – human dignity is indelible and invincible.” We got to know Viktor Frankl better and, through him, ourselves as well!

Written by Anna Maria Honeck, a member of the WYA Austria Chapter.