WYA Campus Tour- experience from Ngala Blaise

The beginning of my internship at WYA-Africa was a total discovery having to deal with new things everyday from the food, transport, way of life and time zone. But I came to realize that though far from home and living with people of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, there were some unique ideas which we all believed in and that is what brought us together and enabled us live together and these things are “dignity” and “Solidarity”.

In the weeks that followed my internship with WYA-Africa I was glad to organize and take part in the first edition of WYA-Africa March 2012 membership drive dubbed “Campus Tour”. This was ten days of unforgettable experiences, fun, friendship, love, discoveries and emotions. Going across four universities in the western region of Kenya, covering more than 514 kilometers within a short time, rushing between two modes of transportation and challenging weather to talk about World Youth Alliance to University folks, was worth it.

What first caught my attention was the landscape, wildlife scenarios, people, transportation mode and food. Also, I was amazed by the similarities between Cameroon and Kenya, like these traditional circular homes built with mud and thatch. Again, a particular tribe I saw around Kericho town carrying loads on their backs with the supporting twig on their foreheads. These was very emotional for me given that I had seen such images in Cameroon .At that instant I ask myself these question as to how come a tribe found in Kenya, Eastern Africa carried their load and another one built same way as particular tribes in Central Africa miles away? I don’t know and I leave that question to African Anthropologist.

To sum up, the “Campus Tour” permitted me to meet different people every two days and I was impressed by the interest some students had in Cameroon and the French language. It was always very emotional leaving a particular University after two days of sharing, friendship, thoughts on dignity, solidarity and love. What I thought in the beginning will be a difficult project turned out to be a memorable experience, I remember some of the messages the committee members at these Universities sent to me; “it was a pleasure working with you and we will love to see you again” (Harry kanyi- Maseno University).

At the end we were able to get more than 3000 new members sign the World Youth Alliance charter and willing to engage actively for WYA causes. And if you were to ask me to do this again I will do it over and over.