WYA Latin America Visit to Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay, January-February 2009


In November WYA Latin America hosted its first Introductory Session in Campo Alto Highschool. We want to give special thanks to Maria Jose Garcia Ascolani and Manuel Paez Mongues Guanes, who have been leading local activities. From February 1st-4th, 2009 Carlos Càceres Sarubbi, WYALA’s Regional Director of Operations will be working with local committee members to create 2009 action plan, train other members and give more WYA introductory sessions to other schools and universities. 

If you are interested to be part of WYA Paraguay, please contact Maria Jose Garcia at mjgarciaa@yahoo.com.

 Porto Alegre – Brazil.

With the help of two friends and WYA members, Roberta Szarowsky and Gabriel Martins, WYALA has started an exchange of ideas to begin a Committee in Brazil

In February, 10 – 2009, WYALA will host the conference: ‘Does is make any difference if we do it with dignity?’ at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and other training events. If  you are interested in attending please contac Gabriel Martins at gabrielmito@hotmail.com . The idea is to explain WYA and the difference it makes to work in the promotion and recognition of the human dignity in our society.  If you are interested in hosting an introductory session in Brazil, please contact carlos@wya.net


If you are a WYA Member in Uruguay or close to Montevideo who wants to attend a WYA Training or Introductory Session, please contact carlos@wya.net

 Want to host a WYA Training Event or Introductory Session in South America? Please contact Carlos@wya.net before January 18th.