WYA Poland on “Family Radio”

I believe that the protection of human dignity is not just another slogan, but the concrete content for all actions of World Youth Alliance. Together with my friend Paweł, an active member of WYA Poland, we were able to share this message with hundreds of people, thanks to the invitation received from “Family Radio”.

“Family Radio” is one of the most popular local media, which often promotes youth initiatives. The program was broadcasted 11th of March. Mateusz, the journalist who interviewed us, asked about WYA’s activities and plans for future.

I talked about the history of WYA which perfectly shows us why it is so important to speak up in every situation in which we know that human dignity might be violated. We are not alone, but without the courage to make our voices heard, we will feel like that. Paweł invited youth from Wrocław (our city) to apply for the Certified Training Program, which, due to the current circumstances, will be conducted online.

We hope that our listeners felt encouraged enough to get to know more about WYA’s mission and are looking forward to welcoming new members! Listen to the podcast through this link. (available only in Polish)

Published: March 25, 2020
Written by Ewa Rejman, WYA Poland Chapter Coordinator