An African proverb asserts that it takes an entire village to raise a child. This meant that it is everyone’s responsibility of every member of a society to enusre that children are raised well.The world youth alliance Africa in partnership with AIYCC Kenya on the 14th November visited and made donations

at an orphanage called Watoto Wema Center located in kayole estate in Nairobi Kenya.

This project was organized by Ivor Makasa a Zambian intern from

world youth alliance Africa and Richard omondi a program coordinator from AIYCC Kenya,

Watoto Wama Center recently has 55 orphans’ ranging from the age of 3- 19 this project attracted more than 20 participants from both world youth alliance and AIYCC Kenya.The aim was to interact and play with the kids as well as ensuring that their are raised in a safe ,secure environment with basic needs catered for.