Hygiene and sanitation are basic necessities in the building of a healthy society. World Youth Alliance Africa installed a hand washing station at Maendeleo learning centre in Mukuru slums in Nairobi. The station aims to improve hygiene of the pupils in this populated slum through encouraging the washing of hands every time they visit the toilets. There is likely to be a dramatic reduction of Cholera, diarrhea and worms through the constant use of the station. The simple set up was made possible by the experience of our intern who shared the technology from Rwanda as his dignity project. Dignity projects are a platform for our interns to do a community project through their skills and knowledge that portrays their understanding of dignity. The enthusiastic teachers and pupils were shown how it station operates, how to maintain it and they promised to replicate the same in their homes and neighboring schools. Among those present in putting up the station was: school staff members, World youth Alliance staff and interns.