WYAAP Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp Experience By: Kristi Marie de Asis

Another typical adolescent, and frustrated adrenaline junkie looking to inject some excitement in my then monotonous first weeks of summer when a casual visit to my school suddenly became the long-awaited solution to my summer woes.

I got called back to school to assist with some things for the 4th year graduation since the seniors were too busy practicing. I met up with my batchmates who were also asked to aid with the preparations for the graduation of our mates, or our schoolmates who were a year ahead of us. I was already planning for my trip to the Ateneo De Manila University for a summer workshop, and was sharing with them my frustrations about the supposed trip when they reminded one of the WYAAP workshops introduced to by Ate Ren when she visited our school. Since my mom was still apprehensive about the Arts Work in Ateneo, I decided to forego my spot and sign the WYA charter instead.

I’ve been to Manila quite a few times already, and the travel enthusiast in me wanted to explore unchartered territory, to Pangasinan I went.

Expecting to bask under the sun while exploring the go-to places in Pangasinan, I never expected that the place we’d be residing in would be in a far-flung city in the middle of nowhere, together with people, who at first glance, look like they’ve read every article in the Reproductive Health Bill. And hey , I soon found out they have…… read every article of the……. Well, you know, it wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be.

At first, I didn’t even know that there was a definite distinction between human rights and the human dignity- I was not aware of the Solidarity Movement. I most definitely did not give the time and day to fully comprehend what sustainable development is. But the WYAAP Track A training changed all of these.

Now, it feels like it’s been just yesterday when I was that clueless teen, who never would have attempted to 399 pages of theories, philosophies and laws.

I recognize the value of every person’s dignity , and, I believe, have fully understand the concept of freedom.

The World Youth Alliance Summer Training Camp isn’t for the adrenaline junkies, or the weak of heart, or the sloths, or the naïve. It is for those who truly want to be catalyst of change; those who have open minds; those who want to meet life long friends; and those whose beliefs are in alignment with those of the charter.

It is for those who care.

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