WYAAP Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp Experience

Footprints that Shall Never Cease
By: Rhea Carmelotes Yray

The dawn speaks; opening its wings to welcome the morning sun. I fly with the clouds who smiled to me; somewhat saying, this is the world — spread your arms and open your eyes to see the reality.

Going outside Cebu (my hometown) and setting my feet in a far-away ground was unusual to me. But yes, this is my first time to fly high in the sky and journey to a new place which would one day leave a great mark in my life. 6:30 in the morning, I reached Manila and start my journey. This is a new place and a great task is set on hand. Then, a new Tibetan friend approached and welcomly embraced me. Then I realized, this is where my journey starts. This journey is not just fun. This is mission, running deeply in my heart for almost a year. This mission is centered on three simple but very powerful words-WORLD YOUTH ALLIANCE!

The welcoming smiles and colorful stories by my new friends : Sam from Tibet and Thejesh from India; as well as the big office make me feel at home. The first day ends with great stories and ideas that I shared in my dreamland.

The king of the universe began to wake me up. Yes! This is the time to get myself ready for World Youth Alliance Summer Camp Training. Ms.Renelyn Tan give her warmest smile to get me ready to set things up. The travel to Beach Resort, Binmaley, Pangasinan was about five house. This is the first time to reach as far as the north in my archipelagic country. Then Summer Training Camp starts and introduced herself to me.

World Youth Alliance Summer Training Camp let me see the reality as a person having an intrinsic and inviolable human dignity. The one-week experience with new faces, different backgrounds and youth from different walks of life; great facilitators; challenging readings; fun; adventure and amazing activities I had, made me see a lot of treasures that I shall not only keep in my memory box, but also spread it to other in the society. I began to value myself having human dignity even more; learned to live in solidarity with other for a common goal; respect and understand differences; challenged me with political, social, practical and philosophical readings that I shall value and continue to live as I journey amidst the tempest that will shake me on the way.

Human dignity is the most important value that no one can ever take away from me. Its’ worth is more than the precious diamond. World Youth Alliance is a challenge that I will always ponder and contemplate, in order to promote human dignity, centered on human development, freedom, solidarity and promotion of culture. Through the training I realized a lot of values in life. Every human being possesses human dignity that is intrinsic, universal and inviolable. As human beings, we are rational– we have the will to choose and love for the truth and freedom for excellence. We are all good, for our nature as human beings is good.

The amazing horizon of the sea, the caress of the wind, the serene surroundings, the fantastic waves, green grasses and the pleasant sound of the chimes- these help me look at the world with much more beauty and helped me see the reality that I somehow forgot to look at in these modern times. I shall always treasure the memories I have with my little sisters, the amazing minds, the great cook, the joggers and the knowledgeable people I spent my one week with.

The twilight came, and the night shall be really to cover its eternal darkness. The moon is ready to scatter its dim light as the stars filled the sky with this sparkling light. These shall never end. Cause tomorrow awaits for the raw stunt.