WYAAP Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp Experience

By: Margaret Alexie Sipaco de Leon

During the week leading to my departure for summer camp, I begged my mom to allow me to not go. Due to my irrational fear of tan lines, unsetting nerves, thoughts of not getting along with fellow participants, and even the whole 400-must-read-pages raced through my mind. I also kept worrying about not being able to follow with the discussion and having to be with 9 other people who may or may not like me. Luckily, thanks to Cebu Pacific’s nonrefundable policy and my mom’s equally, strict you’re –not-a-child/you –get-yourself-on-that-plane policy, I went anyway.

But now, listening to the facilitators kid around, seeing ate Lisa and her husband deal with the dinner plates, the indescribable beauty of the sunset, having to tie my hair because the strong breeze that just won’t stop, and even the unending sound of painted shells on a chime, I realized that there isn’t a place I’d rather be. Aside from what I learned from the Track A Training, I learned and discovered so many things. I couldn’t even put to words the peace, calm, satisfaction, and happiness that are currently harbored in my bay. In this calm crystallizing moment of satisfaction for finishing 400 pages of serious issues and also the happiness I get from seeing fellow participants who I have formed unbreakable bonds with; well everything pretty much pales in comparison.

I know that this essay does not do justice to the perfect summer camp I’m in, but I hope that through this essay I could at least try to relay the emotions and sentiments I currently have. This summer camp truly is quite the experience. The insights and lessons I learned from the past few days will influence my actions, decisions, and over all mentality. When asked to join the summer camp again, I’ll say yes in a heartbeat.

Thank you Facilitators!