WYAE Interns represent Belgium at Erasmus+ Training course in Italy

The Erasmus + Training course under the theme “Employment & Competencies 4 Success” was held in Reggio Calabria, Italy, from 4th to 11th of October 2017. Altogether, 31 participants, from 13 different EU countries met to take part in training activities developed and organized by the EuroDemos Youth Mobility NGO. The interns in the WYA Europe office got this valuable opportunity to participate representing Belgium during this training. It was also an opportunity for them to promote the WYA’s vision and mission among the youth from all over Europe.

The programme focused on empowering youth employment and competence-making process to enhance career guidance of young people through non-formal education. The aim of the training was to tailor tools for learning, exchange different ideas and experiences between each other.

During the program, the participants improved their skills, develop new ones and acquired more knowledge by experimenting and developing new learning practices and training modules. The project also affected them as individuals, beyond the professional dimension. The participants also increased their knowledge of social, linguistic and cultural matters.

Moreover, through non-formal education participants tried to analyze the scenario of youth employment and competence-making according to the European scenario and find tangible educational solutions to carve into the topic. They were provided a space for tailoring specific tools for learning and a defined action plan for boosting employment of youth and support them in career guidance. Through a simulation business activity, their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship could increase. Each of the participants cooperated in his/her possible way and tried to build a family-friendly environment. They were all young people there and they understood that is not so easy to overcome obstacles caused by the high rates of youth unemployment in Europe.

Through diverse informal activities in form of teams and group discussions, participants discovered new ideas, learned from each other and grew in skills and competencies. By participating in this Erasmus + activities, young people developed communication and analytical skills as well as interpersonal and social competencies. Working all together in mixed groups of different people from diverse nations and cultures, it helped the participants to break some cultural barriers. And most of all, the participants established contacts with people from different countries will lead to a stronger cooperation in future. It was a rewarding opportunity.

Written by Miroslav Kardos, an intern from Slovakia in the WYA Europe office.