WYALA introduces the National University of the East Chapter

The World Youth Alliance values the commitment of its members to advocate for human dignity. Opening a new chapter in your own region is significant since they will achieve WYA’s objectives more precisely. The WYALA is growing day after day, and we are grateful to announce the new chapter at the National University of the East’s Chapter, in Paraguay, whose leaders are Andrea, Fernando, Indianara, Jadiyi, Jazmin, Rocio and Susana. Let’s meet the new leaders!


Andrea Annahas

Andrea is 23 years old, and comes from Paraguay. She works as a community manager and content creator for social networks, and she is in the 4th year of a law degree at National University of the East. During school, Andrea was able to discover the true need for social work in her country, so she began her journey as a volunteer in various organizations. Currently, she is a volunteer for the environment at WWF Paraguay, and she has been part of the World Network of Young Politicians as the Departmental Coordinator of female empowerment since 2020. Andrea seeks more and more to acquire new experiences, she obtained a scholarship from the Scientific Information Center of CONACYT (CICCO) of Paraguay where she completed the Intermediate III English language course. In addition, she completed Diplomas in Writing in the Field of Legal Sciences and Design Extension Projects based on the Service-Learning Methodology. This year, Andrea was able to complete the Certified Training Program at WYA and she shows excitement about future projects.


Fernando Doldan

Fernando was born in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. He is currently studying Law at National University of the East, also he performs functions as an Assistant in a firm. He presented projects to strengthen opportunities for young people locally and internationally, as well as being a volunteer in several NGOs, with a special focus on human rights. Fernando’s specific study focuses on the main Philosophical doctrines, some with a theological field, classic literature, and also in the study of History as an amateur historian. He met WYA in 2020, and joined the Certified Training Program in 2021, because of the philosophical approach to studying human dignity.

He says, “The Certified Training Program gave me a very deep insight into human dignity, a completely different and new approach, but it changed my perception of people, it is the knowledge that I hope to share with everyone”.


Indianara Romero Wasem

From Paraguay, Indianara is an undergraduate on Law degree in National University of the East. During her university career, she has strengthened her leadership skills, including serving as the Vice President of the Student Center of her Faculty in 2018 and in other positions of student representations. From the beginning, she has developed a great interest in scientific research and human rights, so she is the author of some scientific articles, also participates in Moot Courts competitions with that emphasis. Likewise, she is enthusiastic about International Law and its different study edges, which is why she intends to dedicate herself into that dimension of the legal sciences. She met the WYA in 2021, and the experience has aroused in her a great desire to become a protector of human dignity, just as the organization does.


Indianara decided to carry out the Certified Training Program, and expresses the following: “As a member of WYA, I am sure that my mission does not conclude in only knowing even more about the objective value of dignity, I want to be able to transmit everything I have learned from the CTP, so that many more can access to this knowledge and that the most valuable aspect becomes the human person”.


Jadiyi Tamara Dominguez Aquino


Jadiyi was born in the city of Hernandarias, Alto Paraná. She lives in Ciudad del Este – Paraguay. In 2017, she graduated from Dr. José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia Regional Center of Education College and is currently studying law at the National University of the East in Paraguay. Since that, she has been a member and currently president of a women’s youth organization, which trains young women in leadership through community services called Assembly Rayos de Aurora N 2 – IORG. She enjoys studying culinary, and also languages such as English and Korean. Jadiyi was certified in the WYA on September 03, 2021 and she is full of hope to work on the new chapter and to defend human dignity as a WYA leader.



María Jazmín Gamarra

María Jazmín Gamarra, Paraguayan, born in Ciudad del Este, is 20 years old. She is a law student at the National University of the East – Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. She is also a dance teacher in the areas of classical, Paraguayan and Spanish dance. In addition, she is currently developing as a dance teacher at the Initial Level in an inclusive school for children with special abilities. In this sense, the defense of human dignity has always been part of her life and she has stood out as a leader in the areas of the social field. Also, María has been in charge of a group of girls in the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, in which she has stood out as a leader and in charge of various activities. She has been in the WYA Certified Training Program since February 2021, also, she had the WYA certification in June of the same year.

She added: “WYA has awakened in me much more interest in human rights, thus I also appreciate the space it gives to be able to talk about human dignity and the defense of life. The tools that they give young people to be able to improve themselves are incredible.”


Rocio Valdez

Rocio Valdez comes from Juan E. O’leary, Paraguay, and participated in the Emiliano Aiub Academic Orchestra of Ciudad del Este, playing the violin from 2015 to 2017. She is currently a lawyer at the National University of the East. During her course, she founded the Extension Club of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, the first extension club in Paraguay. She also founded the Círculo de Lectores in her hometown in 2019, as an outreach project in collaboration with the School of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of the East, with around 30 participants during that year. Also, she published an academic article in the Judicial and Educational Journal with the topic Banking secrecy in Paraguayan legislation and comparative laws. Furthermore, she completed the Certified Training Program in 2020, and, currently, she is a trainer and lead coordinator of the Human Dignity Curriculum Program in her hometown in Paraguay.


In her spare time, she volunteers and works as a legal advisor at the company Apex Consultoria Politica. She believes in youth to set change in the region and is delighted by promoting the new chapter.


Susana Eva González



Eva González comes from Juan Emilio O’Leary, Paraguay. She is currently studying Education Sciences at the National University of the East. In addition, Eva is a member of the readers’ club in her city. She has been studying the WYA Certified Training Program since April 2021, so she was accredited as a member in September of the same year. Moreover, she is interested in being a leader and organizing a WYA chapter for Paraguay. Susana looks for the protection of human dignity and she is excited to work with WYA. 






We are delighted about the new chapter and the new journey ahead for these young leaders. They will be able to promote human dignity, while shareing WYA’s principles. Here you will find information about WYA chapters, and you can contact us by latinamerica@wya.net.