WYAMENA Welcomes New Regional Program Assistant

WYA Middle East and North Africa (WYAMENA) warmly welcomes Zainab AlRamlawi as its new Regional Program Assistant volunteer. She began her role on January 1, 2021 to help lead the region with the WYAMENA Program Officer, Balkis Chaabane.


Zainab has been very active with WYA since she took the Certified Training Program (CTP) in February of 2020. She later became a trainer and will be taking the Fertility Education and Medical Management Program (FEMM) teacher training in 2021. Zainab also did the Regional Online Internship Program with the WYAMENA office. Zainab heard about WYA and the Certified Training Program through social media: “When I researched more about WYA’s work on the website, I was truly amazed and interested by the work they do and I really wanted to learn & involve more with their activities and that’s why I decided to take the CTP.”


Zainab had been noticing that the world is “moving to materialism and in investing more in material development not the human development”. That is why her values aligned with those of WYA.

She said that when “[she] took the CTP and saw that WYA highly pointed to the importance of investing in human being[s] and tried to promote and protect their dignity, [she] felt that it was something which aligns with [her] values and mission in life.”

In this new position, Zainab aspires to reach out and introduce WYA to many youth from underserved communities in the MENA region and encourage them to engage more in WYAMENA programs and events. 

When she’s not working, Zainab enjoys watching and criticizing movies, reading books, listening to all types of music & podcasts and exploring new places with friends.