Youth Voices at the UN

On 25 April 2012, the World Youth Alliance hosted a live chat via Twitter on
Youth Employment: How to Unleash the Potential. Young people from around the world joined the conversation to discuss the real needs of young people. Here’s what some of them had to say:
“Youth Development means to prepare young people to live a full and active life: Self, Family, Spiritual, Work, Society etc.”

“Education is a cornerstone for employment. The greatest need in emerging markets is for qualified & motivated mid-management.”
“Don’t see work as a “chore.” See it as something to take pride in. doing a good job is a way to express your dignity.”
“Comprehensive sexual education does not constitute adequate training for achieving employment access
“I think employment access begins with education access.. also for girls!”
“It starts with education, but there also needs to be room for educated people to make use of what they’ve learned”
“90% of employees in prosperous countries work for small and medium enterprises, yet they are missing in emerging markets. Make starting new companies easier”
“Anything that doesn’t impede competition is a good idea.”
“Need to involve men and boys in efforts to fight gender-based discrimination and violence.”