2016 Drinks and Discussion Series

It has been an exciting month at the World Youth Alliance with its annual Drinks and Discussion series in full swing.  This year’s two-part series gathered over 35 members together over the course of two evenings to discuss the WYA White Papers on sustainable development and reproductive health.

The first discussion night on June 2nd centered on understanding the terms surrounding reproductive health and their international impact. One of the key points discussed was that although abortion is not defined as an international right, many international bodies incorrectly assert that abortion is an integral part of reproductive health. The second key point focused on the importance of using clear and well defined terminology when discussing reproductive health.  Overall, it was a fruitful and educational discussion.

The second discussion night on June 16th covered the topic of Sustainable Development. Participants discussed the importance of keeping the human person at the center of sustainable development policies. Participants expressed much concern  over the tendency of environmental conservation policies to treat humans as problems rather than as sources of solutions. It was also recognized that it is important to promote responsible and ethical uses of the earth’s natural resources. The discussion reached the conclusion that it is necessary to reinforce the idea that humans and nature can and should exist in harmony, not conflict.

Here at WYA we always look forward to discussing issues that are impacting the world today and our Drinks and Discussion series did not fail to impress. We would like to thank all the participants for their attendance and thoughtful insights during discussions. We look forward to Drinks and Discussion again next summer!