Summer’s an Open Door!


Step right in and learn what WYA has in store for you this summer!

In June, stories from teachers of the Human Dignity Curriculum abounded in our second virtual Open House. If you missed the chance to hear about this life-changing curriculum for kids in Grade K-12, you can check out the recording here.

Our doors are still wide open with another Open House, this time for members who want to learn more about how to jumpstart their WYA journey! Get the chance to attend a live class, talk to a former Olympic figure skater and even win limited edition WYA merchandise. Simply reserve a spot for the upcoming WYA Open House this July 16.

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Let’s Go Around the World and Meet Our Interns!
No matter the field or country they’re from, our WYA interns have one thing in common: #Excellence. Get to know our Headquarters interns from Nigeria and Kenya, as well our regional interns from North America and Latin America.Let the WYA internship take you above and beyond. Check out application deadlines for the in-person and online internship today.



Solidarity in Action Looks Like
…Members on the move! Did you hear about the 3,800 people WYA Latin America Volunteers Served on Dignity Day? How about the way WYA Croatia members used art for the inclusion of the homeless? There was even a recent discussion on youth unemployment led by WYA Pamplona! WYA Chapters make this possible and you can be part of one too by visiting our website.



Advocacy Alert: WYA Europe Regrets the Passage of the Matić Report
WYA Europe regrets the passage of the Matić report by the European Parliament by a 378 to 255 vote majority last June 24. The Matic report claims that abortion is protected by international law as part of sexual and reproductive health and rights. This is a clear misrepresentation of international law, as explained in WYA’s White Paper on the topic of Reproductive Health.

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Support Future Leaders, Join WYAE’s Dignity Defenders Campaign!
By giving to WYA Europe’s Dignity Defenders Campaign, you’re investing in future leaders! Proceeds will go directly to help support their internship program. 

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WYA Around the World


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Asia Pacific
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Latin America
WYALA Presents Its Chapters
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