50-50 Coalition…

BCBeirut, April 8th—The British Council in collaboration with Women’s Rights organizations  launched the “50-50 Coalition: Women Participation in Municipal Elections” campaign.

At the beginning of the event, the campaign’s representative highlighted the role of women and their importance in the public sector. Then, he gave a brief history of the political involvement of women in Lebanon—the challenges and different types of discrimination.

The Lebanese National Women’s Committee insisted on the importance of the municipal elections implementation, especially after the extension of the parliament mandate. Noting that this is one of the most widely discussed issues today.

The study on women’s participation in municipal councils revealed the challenges that women face in political life. Self confidence is a major challenge in the political participation of women. In addition, political and legal frameworks also pose as a challenge for women because Lebanese society is predominantly patriarchal.

The World Youth Alliance Middle East shares the same vision of the 50-50 campaign for women’s participation in public life. We strongly believe that women should actively participate in the decision making process. There should also be opportunities  geared towards women empowerment providing them skills in areas which include communication, media, legal, and conferences.