A New Perspective – Miko’s ISF Experience


That’s how I would describe the recently concluded International Solidarity Forum. Having the opportunity to experience being a part of a delegation of young people from around the world, brought together to create a Declaration on Development for WYA was such an honor. It was such a great learning experience. Not only did I get to meet people from different cultures from all regions of the world, but I was able to engage in dialogue with them with regards to language for the declaration.  What added more color to the experience was that the forum was held at the United Nations headquarters, where the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) was taking place.

The opportunity to participate in an international forum like this was the most important reason why I wanted to go to New York. It is a known fact that once you go to New York City, you are bound to have fun because of the nightlife and the environment. For me, I enjoyed the fact that I was there, living my dream to perform and represent Asia Pacific on the biggest stage of all in international policy making and dialogue, the UN building – not only that, but also having the pleasure to work with counterparts from the other regions of the Alliance and sharing with them my experiences and knowledge from my country and my region. It was such an honor to be part of something that aims to engage the youth to be more proactive in upholding the innate dignity of each person.

Miko Alivia, Intern, WYA Asia Pacific. Miko just graduated from DLSU with a degree in Development Studies. He loves to eat, swim and dance the taktak.

In photo: (top row) Angelica Dy, Mitzie Lin, Anne Elicano, Renelyn Tan, Emily Dy
(bottom row) Christopher de Vera, Donna de Jesus, Miko Alivia