A Tour of Japan at the WYA Asia Pacific Office


World Youth Alliance member from Nara, Japan, Mayumi Fukuda, shared her culture with WYA Asia Pacific members in the Philippines through her Dignity Project, World Culture Night: Japan, held on March 5, 2014 at the WYA Asia Pacific office in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

Mayumi taught basic Japanese language and shared the beauty of Japanese cuisine. “Washoku is an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. It has various fresh ingredients which utilize their natural tastes; it is well-balanced and healthy and gives emphasis on the beauty of nature in the presentation. It is also often connected to annual events in the different parts of Japan,” Mayumi shared with participants. She also shared Japanese snacks which allowed participants to taste the local food.

Participants wore traditional Japanese attire: the Kimono and Yukata. “The Kimono is usually worn during ceremonial occasions (wedding events, New Year celebrations) and is difficult to wear (takes 30 – 40 minutes to put on) while a Yukata is used for summer festivals and is easier to wear because it is made of single-layer cotton material,” Mayumi explained.

She also showed interesting places in Japan where travelers can visit. Her top five places in Japan include Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Wakayama and her hometown, Nara. She also gave advice travelers interested in a visit to Japan. Participants were given time to ask Mayumi questions about Japanese life, people, customs and traditions.

If you wish to share your culture and traditions with our WYA members, you may email asiapacific@wya.net.