Welcoming Latin America’s Second CTP Batch for 2020

June 22, 2020 – On the 22nd of June, the students of the second batch of the Latin America Certified Training Program (CTP) started their journey. The group consists of 26 participants from 11 different countries in Latin America (Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, El Salvador, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Costa Rica).

In the CTP, the students will learn about the following themes: WYA’s Foundational History, Human Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity, Culture, History of Ideas, and International Law and Human Rights.

By completing this program, they will be certified by WYA to be able to speak about human dignity with a more comprehensive and holistic approach. This also opens new opportunities since certified members can take part in bigger and very exciting projects. They can represent WYA in the UN, the European Union, or the OAS. They can also open a chapter in their city or a club in their school. There are a lot of amazing opportunities to be able to make a change in the world after finishing the CTP.

“(The) CTP has been such a unique experience. I’m learning to see the human being through a new perspective, always aiming to keep the basic dignity that everyone deserves. I am also meeting people from all Latin America and it is really great to discover other cultures and exchange ideas with them. Besides, the WYA team is just perfect. They’re attentive, careful, and comprehensive. Everybody should take the CTP program to get a better understanding, not only about human dignity but about yourself.” – Mariana Ramos de Castro, 2020 CTP Batch 2 participant from Brazil.

We wish this new batch of CTP students from the Latin America region the best of luck in this new adventure and encourage our next trainees to join the next CTP Batch from September 28 to December 29, 2020.