Anna Halpine TV Interview

 Nairobi, Kenya — World Youth Alliance Founder, Anna Halpine joined former CNN Correspondent Jeff Koinange as a guest in his award winning show Capital Talk.

The show begins with Anna introducing the World Youth Alliance, and explaining the invaluable work the organization does for the protection of human dignity especially in relation to policy at the United Nations. She also expounds on how WYA allows young people to get involved in global conversations and policy making.

When asked about her thoughts on the different inhibitions that discourage the youth from asserting their voice, particularly in the coming Kenyan elections, Halpine emphasizes on the importance of taking personal responsibility for the world we want, “Just as in this election where every vote counts, every voice counts. We need every young person to take personal responsibility. The direction their country will take is contingent on the decisions they make today.”

She adds that political engagement takes a lot of preparation, a good understanding of issues and possible solutions, as well as the commitment to bring all these things to the table. She recounts the stories of Aliah Dimaporo, a member of congress in the Republic of the Philippines who started out as a member and later worked her way up to leadership positions at WYA and in the Philippines.

Anna also comments on the indispensability of social media, and how WYA is utilizing various mediums like Facebook and Twitter to engage the youth’s ideas, “We need to hear those ideas, and we can then use these ideas in the policy recommendations and submissions that we are making to heads of states all over the world.”

The show closes with a message to invest in the youth of this world, and a reminder of our personal responsibility to make the world a better place for future generations.

You can watch part 1 of the show here and part 2 here