Announcing the Formation of the First Tunisian National Committee

Announcing the Formation of the First Tunisian National Committee

The World Youth Alliance-Middle East is pleased to announce the formation of the First National Committee in Tunisia. Ms Hajer Tlijani, the Coordinator, Mr. Rostom Bouazizi, the Secretary and
Ms. Salmine Sassi, the Treasurer, along with 8 members.

“My experience with World Youth Alliance Middle East started with the Track A training. It was a turning point in my life, as I learned in depth many aspects of human nature. Everyday within WYA is a rich day and expanding our network in Tunisia will be a fruitful step” – Hajer Tlijani

“WYA gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people who share my ideals and principles. We all hold this belief that the energy of youth is essential for a better future and as members of WYA it’s our message to transmit.” – Rostom Bouazizi

“When I first stepped into WYA through the Track A training, I did not know what to expect ;but I knew perfectly that I  am entering a world that is bigger than me and that this step will definitely influence my life. Gladly, I was not wrong. I am looking forward for the national committee in Tunisia to have its echo across the country, to put forward its strategies in order to understand and promote the human dignity.” – Sarra Jouini

"Through WYA organization, I have learnt the mechanics of achieving success within group work such as commitment, shared roles, good communication. I realized that only with mutual subjectivity and common values we can alleviate global conflicts. I was expecting to put into practice all these values and spread these precious notions of solidarity, freedom and dignity among the civil society actors and make it public to all individuals around the world" – Rabeb Jlidi

"An amazing community , a rich and special training with some really special people , the best civil experience you can get ! Thank you WYA” – Hichem Ouertani