Art and Society in the Middle East

On the evening of October 7, the Middle East regional office held their first major cultural event, “Art w 7akeh”. The event featured talks, movie screenings and dance performances by Maya Beaini, a regional intern, and her group of friends.

The night began with a brief introduction by Cedric Choukeir, the regional direcotr, about the World Youth Alliance. Bruna Kesserwani, the director of operations, described the purpose of the event, which was to showcase the works of art from our members worldwide, as well as to open up the discussion about art and society. This was followed by a screening of Tanglaw, a short movie from WYA member Adrielle Esteban followed by a talk by Elias Moubarak about street photography. Moubarak introduced members to the medium and discussed its particular advantages and disadvantages. Bassem Fayed then continued with a talk about street art, particularly graffiti, bringing up the debate about this controversial art form, especially in Lebanon.

Our summer intern Maya Beaini then performed an eclectic fusion piece with her dance group that was followed by a discussion with Raffi Feghali about expressive arts. Raffi focused more on the beneficial aspects of the process of creation itself and how it alone can bring us into more a more profound relationship with ourselves. The night ended with a second performance by the dancers and a final screening of the short film “Head Over Heels” by Timothy Reckart.

Overall the event went great, the regional team had the chance to get to know many Lebanese members better, as well as open up a vivacious discussion about art, human creativity and society.