Asia Pacific Team Helps Youth Move Forward


Last March 9, 2013 the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific (WYAAP) staff, interns and volunteers headed to the Shepherd of the Hills Foundation in Quezon City to conduct a Sulong Workshop. The project heads for the event, interns Gen Gomez and Paw Makina, prepared the two modules on Dignity and Solidarity. These were customized to include a special set of activities for the high school stundents to help them understand and enjoy the topics. The Tagalog word ‘Sulong’ means to move forward in English. Upon completion of the workshop, the WYAAP team is said to have played a pivotal role in educating the youth on their worth and importance as persons as well as the critical role they play in nation-building. 

The kids of the Shepherd of the Hills Foundation surely fired up the Sulong Workshop with their enthusiasm for the program. During the break, some of the participants showcased their brilliance in playing the violin and energy in dancing. These creative performances absolutely entertained everyone. The foundation has shown interest in strengthening the ties made by exploring a possible partnership with WYAAP in the future.  

It is events like these that continue to inspire the WYAAP team to be of further guidance and mind movers for others. Wesley Romain, a WYA volunteer from France, joined the said workshop. He was enlightened to see how dedicated the team was in promoting human dignity. In a comment after the event Wesley said: "I really spent a wonderful day with you! Aside from learning how to work in a community of people with different opinions or various issues, the reason why I wanted to join your activities and become a member, is to know how to listen and learn from others’ experiences, during the activities and advocacy, and be able to share my exerience. Besides this, more than promoting the concepts of Dignity or Solidarity, I would like to share more the values of Tolerance, Respect and Friendship." Indeed, WYA’s passion in promoting dignity is contagious and it is even effectively spread through activities like the Sulong Workshop. 

The day ended with a simple gift giving and group photo session. The WYAAP team would like to send their special thanks to Unilever Philippines for preparing and sharing their gift packages to the kids of the foundation. They have joined us in our cause of educating and investing on the human person. May they continue to be partners in future events of the organization.

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