Bangladeshi WYA Member wins WYA-Minerva Scholarship

The World Youth Alliance is happy to congratulate its member, Tanha Kate from Dhaka, Bangladesh, for being selected as the 2nd recipient of the WYA-Minerva $10,000 scholarship. “I was a WYA member beforehand and found out about the scholarship on Minerva’s website. Minerva was the kind of school I dreamt about: one where I could challenge myself and immerse deeply into topics of interest, while at the same time familiarize myself with different global contexts,” Tanha shares when asked about her experience in applying for the program.

The Minerva Schools at KGI takes pride in being an innovative, accredited global university program founded by a Harvard Dean and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who believed that supporting the world’s best minds involves teaching them to think critically and creatively, to communicate and work with others, and to become brave enough to tell the world the truth rather than what it wants to hear. Thus, the program was dubbed as the “Higher Education for the 21st Century” as it offers unique undergraduate programs that combines four years of world travel with rigorous, interdisciplinary study.

When asked about what she felt upon receiving this opportunity, Tanha replies, “A lot of youth, especially where I come from, are very pessimistic about the world we will soon inhabit. However, it is opportunities like these, provided by Minerva and WYA’s partnership, that make it possible for us to pursue high quality education and work towards a better future. I am extremely grateful and hope that this partnership will continue for many years to come so that high caliber students who face extreme financial limitations will benefit.”

Tanha will have the opportunity to immerse herself in learning in seven world cities (San Francisco, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and more) during her four years through small, interactive seminars for $12.5K worth of tuition per year. She will form part of Minerva’s class of 2021 where she plans to study Computational Sciences when they declare majors on their second year. “I’m interested in engineering and applied mathematics. I like to solve problems and I think that technology is a great equalizer. Furthermore, the technical skills taught in the Computational Sciences major are transferable across a range of sectors.”